Your Safety


Keeping you safe and helping you heal while you are in the hospital are our priorities. Stopping the spread of disease is one way to protect your safety. Your healthcare providers and others involved in your care are expected to clean their hands before any contact with you. As a patient, you have the right to ask those who are caring for you if they have cleaned their hands.


A security officer is available 24 hours a day to escort patients and visitors to their vehicles and assist with any other security concerns. To reach the security officer, dial extension 4349 in the hospital (768-4349) or ask your nurse for assistance.

Name Badges

Members of your healthcare team will introduce themselves by name. All staff and volunteers at A.R. Gould Memorial Hospital are required to wear photo ID badges with name, department, and position identification.

Medication Safety

Part of keeping you safe includes making sure that you are taking the right medications. Several measures are in place to make sure you receive the right medications at the right time. For your protection, the hospital’s medication dispensing system matches up your name with a list of correct medications before they are given to you. Caregivers will double check your name on your bracelet before giving you medications.


Your patient identification bracelet contains information that your healthcare team uses when providing care. Please wear your bracelet at all times.


We encourage you to send valuables like jewelry or money home with a family member. If this isn’t practical, you can use the hospital’s safe to store your items. The hospital also maintains a lost and found service. For more information about these services, please speak with your nurse.
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