TAMC announces births in May & June

Release Date: 07/31/2017

Aroostook County  -  TAMC welcomed the following “Special Deliveries” born at AR Gould Memorial Hospital in Presque Isle during the months of May and June, 2017.
Albert – A girl, Alice Ellin Lisa Albert, born on June 7 to Alexandria and AJ Albert Jr. of Amity. Maternal Grandparents are Gail and John  Neher of Cary Plantation. Patenal Grandparents are Laura Rowland of Presque Isle and AJ Albert Sr. of Huntsville AL.
Bull – A girl, Jemmisyn Mae Bull, born on May 28 to Brittney Shields and Nicholas Bull of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Connie and Craig Theriault of Caribou and Bruce and Tina Shields of Saco. Paternal Grandparents are Bonny and Rock McChasen of Arizona and Michael Bull of Washburn.
Card – A girl, Rilynn Ivy Card born May 9, to Allison Earle and Ryan Card of Caribou.
Clark – A boy, Briggs Barry Clark, born on May 21 to Kassie and Tyler Clark of Mapleton. Maternal Grandparents are Sally Harris and Patrick Lovely of Easton. Paternal Grandparents are Loretta and Russell Clark of Mapleton.
Delong – A girl, Lillian June Delong, born June 10 to Ashley Burlock and Russell Delong of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Linda Burlock of Presque Isle and David McGarrigle of Fort Fairfield.
Dionne – A girl, Elizabeth Maelynn Dionne, born on May 31 to Breanna and Kial Dionne of Westfield. Maternal Grandmother is Michelle Saucier of Bridgeton. Paternal Grandparents are Maria and Jobie Dionne of Mapleton.
Ferris – A boy, Breccan Delano Ferris, born on June 5 to Michelle and Colin Ferris of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandmother is Sandra Reinecke of Muskegon, MI. Paternal Grandparents are Sally and Keith Ferris of Presque Isle.
Gantnier – A girl, Raelianna Rose Gantnier, born May 19 to Beverly Burby and James Gantnier II of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Rose Gantnier of Ashland and Frank Belschner of Oakfield. Paternal Grandparents are Sam Allen of Oakfield and James Gantnier Sr. of Lincoln.
Graham – A boy, Waylon Michael Graham, born June 22 to Myka Smith and Jacob Graham of Mapleton. Maternal Grandparents are Donna and Michael Smith of Van Buren. Paternal Grandparents are the late Heidi Graham and Timothy Graham of Mapleton.
Henderson – A girl, Kinsley Patrea Henderson, born on June 2 to Chelsea and Josh Henderson of Hodgdon.
Hitchcock – A girl, Anna Joyce Hitchcock, born one June 11 to Kimberly and James Hitchcock of Mapleton. Maternal Grandparents are Denise Turner of Presque Isle and Martin Turner of Mapleton. Paternal Grandparents are Joyce and James Hitchcock of Presque Isle.
Ireland – A boy, Nolon Mark Ireland, born May 19 to Lindsay and Shawn Ireland of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Diane and Steven Hill of Herman and James and Anna Mae Cyr of Saint David. Paternal Grandparents are Judy and Mark Ireland of Chapman.
Kennison – A girl, Elysie Mary Kennison, born May 17 to Lauren and Jacob Kennison of Fort Fairfield. Maternal Grandparents are Sherry and Tony Sullivan of Chapman. Paternal Grandfather is Ronnie Kennison of Fort Fairfield.
Lowe – A boy, Grant Steven Lowe, born June 5 to Elise and Christopher Lowe of Frencville. Maternal Grandparents are Sandra and Gene Martin of Madawaska. Paternal Grandparents are Irma Lowe of  Frenchville and Murray Lowe of Florida.
Matheson – A boy, Alexander Joseph Mathedon, born June 26 to Amber and Adam Matheson of Ashland. Maternal Grandparents are Karen and Kurt Philbrook. Paternal Grandparents are Wilma and Jack Matheson of Monticello.
McDonald – A girl, Kimberly Alaska McDonald, born May 10 to Tayor-Kay and Brandon McDonald of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandmother is Patricia Howe of Mapleton. Paternal Grandparents are Anna Marie Flynn of Waikiki, Hawaii and Richard McDonald of Hamlin.
McGrath – A boy, Eli Roland McGrath, born June 23 to Kylee Pelletier and Conrad Mcgrath of Presque Isle. Maternial Grandparents are Karen Winiarski of Presque Isle and Ken Winiarski of Brookton. Paternal Grandparents are Karen McGrath of Presque Isle and Randy McGrath of Fort Fairfield.
Moore – A girl, Lillian Zivah Moore, born May 20 to Rachael and Matthew Moore of Woodland. Maternal Grandparents are Mary and Ralph Small of Stockholm. Paternal Grandparents are Marcia and Royce Hanson of Belgrade.
Orser – A boy, Jace Parker Orser, born June 22 to Jennifer Hall and Justin Orser of Bridgewater. Maternial Grandmother is Brenda Hall of Bridgewater. Paternial Grandparents are Dede Cyr and Jim Alward of New Sweden.
Pelkey – A boy Seamus Charles Pelkey, born June 27 to Faith and Charles Pelkey of New Sweden.
Powers – A girl, Clara Elizabeth Powers, born on May 31 to Haley and Brian Powers of Caribou. Maternal Grandparents are Ann and Brent Jepson of Woodland. Paternal Grandparents are Mary and Paul Powers of Woodland.
Pratt - A girl, Adalynn Jane Pratt, born June 9 to Amber and Jason Pratt of Castle Hill. Maternal Grandparents are Linda and Dale Nickerson of Presque Isle.  Paternal grandparents are Diane and Ivan Pratt of Castle Hill.
Reardon – A girl, Haylee Carol Rheannon Reardon, born June 26 to Amber and Eric Reardon of Blaine. Maternial Grandparents are Michelle and Stacy Checketts of Blaine. Paternial Grantparents are Carol and Ralph Reardon of Houlton.
Steele – A girl, Olivia Grace Steele, born on June 14 to Danielle and Matthew Steele of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents  are Annette and Richard Fletcher of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Donna Godbee of Kimberly AL and David Steele of Carmel.
Theriault – A boy, Ledgend Josh Theriault, born on June 19 to Terah Rossignol and Josh Theriault of Cross Lake. Maternal Grandparents are Christina and Frank Rossignol of Daigle. Paternal Grandparents are Cindy Caron of St. John and Terry Theriault of Fort Kent.
Thompson – A girl, Addyson Jane Thompson, born on June 12 to Alyssa and Adam Thompson of Washburn. Maternal Grandparents are Jane McCall of Caribou and Robert Kilcollins of Fort Fairfield. Paternal Grandparents are Sharon and Alan Thompson of Washburn.
Wadlington – A girl, Ursula May Adley Wadlington, born May 20 to Autumn Lizotte and Sean Wadlington of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents are Justine and Richard Fitzhebert of Presque Isle. Paternal Grandparents are Lisa Demerchant and Nick Ellis of Presque Isle.
White – A boy, Allan Howard White IV, born May 25 to Sarah and Allan White III of Presque Isle. Maternal Grandparents Nancy Boucher of Presque Isle and Ralph Bouchard of Caribou. Paternal Grandparents are Laura and Allan White Jr of Presque Isle.
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