City of Presque Isle and TAMC committed to ensuring quality emergency services to residents

Release Date: 01/30/2017

Presque Isle – As the City of Presque Isle moves forward in establishing their own 911 emergency services for the residents of Presque Isle, discussions have continued between representatives from the City and The Aroostook Medical Center regarding an agreement with TAMC’s Crown Emergency Care service. 
The two organizations were not able to achieve agreement on the terms of the contract but agreed they will support a smooth transition of responsibility for Presque Isle emergency response.
“We are all members of the same community,” said Martin Puckett, city manager.  “While we could not reach an official agreement, we are confident that we can successfully work together during our transition to a City-provided 911 service and beyond.  We have a long history of working collaboratively on projects with TAMC for the benefit of the community.”
That sentiment is echoed by TAMC President Greg LaFrancois.
“TAMC is committed to the success of the new City ambulance service.  The only thing that matters is the safety of our community, and we all have been focused on that common goal since the inception of our organizations.  With the City’s assumption of responsibility for the Presque Isle service area, Crown has the capacity to enhance service in our, more rural, surrounding communities.  We look forward to providing the enhanced services” said LaFrancois.
The City plans to have its new service fully operational in April of this year.  Once that happens, the City will provide first response coverage of all 911 calls in Presque Isle. 
Crown Emergency Care will continue to provide service to the other 18 Aroostook County towns and unorganized territories they serve, and Crown Critical Care Transport will continue to provide the higher level advanced life support care needed across The County.
Meanwhile, the City of Presque Isle and TAMC will continue to collaborate on projects that benefit the community, particularly in regards to the health and wellbeing of residents.
“In the City Council’s recent goal setting session, we discussed the need to support healthy lifestyles in our community, and we will look to TAMC to find partnership opportunities to do that,” said Puckett.
One of TAMC’s community health goals involves encouraging a more active lifestyle and working to lower childhood obesity, which makes this a natural fit for collaborative efforts with the City, according to LaFrancois.
“We look forward to working with the City in this and many other ventures in the years to come,” said LaFrancois.
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