Digital Mammography

TAMC is proud to the be the first hospital in Aroostook County to offer digital mammography. With this technology, mammograms take less time, and the images are the clearest, most detailed available.

A digital mammogram is a low-dose x-ray that produces a digital picture of the breast. Mammograms can show tumors that may be cancerous before they can be felt.

Both traditional film and digital mammography equipment use x-rays to capture images of the breasts. The differences between the two types of technology, however, are significant. Analog mammography systems use x-ray films that can be thought of like pictures from a film camera – the images are good, but they take time to develop. Images from a digital mammography machine are more like pictures from a modern digital camera; they are extremely detailed and can be viewed right away.

After the procedure, the digital images are reviewed on a special computer screen by a radiologist. The radiologist can use computer software to zoom in on certain areas of the image that show masses or calcifications, which can help with detecting abnormalities. Both the images and the radiologist’s notes then become available to other doctors and providers at TAMC through a highly secure computer system.

Early detection really is the best protection, and a mammogram can save your life. To learn more about digital mammography or to make an appointment, please call (207)768-4216.

Printable Procedure Information Sheets

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