Fort Fairfield Community Garden Project

Please read the Guidelines before submitting an application.

Fort Fairfield

Community Garden 2017
“Gardening in Community”
Guidelines for Members
The Fort Fairfield Community Garden is an organic community garden located on land owned by The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) and is situated just off Brown Street in Fort Fairfield.
This Fort Fairfield Community Garden was built with generous support from a number of community businesses, local Future Farmers of America Program (FFA), the Town of Fort Fairfield, and countless hours of volunteer time put in by the Community General Hospital (CGH) Legacy Committee members.  TAMC has contributed the land where the garden is located as well as the use of an outbuilding for storage and has also provided administrative and financial support.  In the future, limited administrative support and coordination will be provided by TAMC and the Town of Fort Fairfield.  It is our goal that going forward the garden will be financially self-sufficient.
Member gardeners will tend their own plots.  In addition, it is expected that they will assist in maintaining the fence, paths and common areas. 
The rules that appear below are based on one simple foundation – be a good neighbor.  The Fort Fairfield Community Garden is first a community.  If you tend your plots well, keep them weeded and harvested, and contribute time to the maintenance of the common areas, you will be making an invaluable contribution to the “community”, which is at the heart of our garden.
  1. Assignment of Available Plots
    • Plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.
    • One plot per person/family (unless extra plots are available – see below)
    • After all plots are assigned, names will be placed on a waiting list.
    • Second plots will be allotted to existing gardeners only after all gardeners on the waiting list have been given a plot.  Second plots are allotted only on a yearly basis.
    • Gardeners who abandon their plot for any reason are asked to notify the garden manager immediately.
  1. Garden Plots
    • 20’x10’ .
    • 3-foot paths are laid out between each plot and around the Fort Fairfield Community Garden perimeter.
    • Raised beds may be constructed if desired at gardener’s expense.
    • Garden structures (trellises, fences, posts, etc.) are allowed as long as they do not shade neighboring gardens.          
  1. Plot Maintenance – for the season
    • Gardeners are responsible for working their plots by June 12th.
    • Gardeners are responsible for keeping their plots weeded and harvested throughout the season.
    • Vegetables must be harvested in a timely manner.  Rotted tomatoes, squash, cucumbers are a source of disease and will cause ‘sprouting’ problems the following year.      
    • Gardeners are responsible, with adjacent gardeners, for keeping the paths next to their plots weeded.
    • Plots should be planned so trailing plants do not spread into paths or other gardens.
    • Tall crops (pole beans, corn, etc.) should be situated on the south side or middle of the plot so as not to shade other plotsVery tall plants such as sunflowers should not be grown in the plots.
  1. The Fort Fairfield Community Garden is Organic
    • Non-organic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are not permitted.
    • Product labels must state that the product is 100% organic.
    • Smoking is not allowed in or around the garden.  Tobacco mosaic virus, which can be carried on smokers’ hands, is a serious threat to tomatoes and other related plants.
  1. Community Volunteer Contribution-ways to contribute
    • In the spring, members will contribute two hours for general preparation of the community garden.
    • In the fall, members will contribute two hours for general cleanup.
    • A schedule of workdays for the spring and fall tasks will be e-mailed to members
    • Members can help others that need assistance with their plot.
    • Members can assist with general improvements as needed.
    • Members can assist with winter planning such as a harvest dinner or winter workshops on gardening.
  1. Pets and Children
    • No pets are allowed in the garden, except service dogs.
    • Children are welcome but should be monitored to avoid damage to neighbor’s plots.
  1. Putting Gardens to Bed
    • Gardens must be “put to bed” by the end of October or two weeks after the first killing frost.  Exceptions are frost resistant vegetables such as kale, Brussels sprouts and parsnips.
    • Non-biodegradable mulch, weeds, dead plants and vegetables must be removed.
    • Returning gardeners may leave perennial plants, trellises, fences, raised beds and other structures in place.
    • Members who are not renewing their plot are expected to leave their garden clear of weeds and structures.  If that is not possible this will be done for a fee of $50.
  1. Trash
    • Carry out anything that cannot be composted.
    • Meat, bread, dairy products, diseased plants or vegetables and processed foods of any kind cannot be composted.
  1. Forfeiture
    • If these guidelines are not followed or a plot is unused, untended or neglected, the gardener will be notified and asked to correct the problem within two weeks.
    • Failure to correct a problem means the possible forfeiture of the plot during the current garden season. 
    • Anyone renting a plot in the community garden will be doing so at their own risk and The Aroostook Medical Center will not be held liable for injuries sustained while working in or about the Fort Fairfield Community Garden.
    • Plot holders who have been repeatedly warned about being out of compliance may not renew their plot for the next year.

Click here to download an application.

Fill it out and return it to: 
Fort Fairfield Town Office
18 Community Center Drive,
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742
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